Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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What we do

  • Promoting Competition image

    Promoting Competition

    We create a competitive market environment by reforming anti-competitive regulations which allow entry barriers and limit business activities, and by regulating M&As with anti-competitive effects.
    We promote fair competition in the market by banning abuse of market dominant positions, cartels, and various other unfair trade activities.

  • trengthening Consumers image

    Strengthening Consumers' Rights

    We protect consumers from unfair adhesion contracts by correcting those that put consumers at a gross disadvantage and by distributing standard adhesion contracts. We also help consumers to make informed choices by correcting false and misleading labeling or advertisements and mandating disclosure of information that is essential to consumers' decision-making. We prevent specific damages, which may occur in certain types of transactions, - i.e. installment transactions, door-to-door sales, electronic commerce, etc.

  • Securing Competitive Environment for SMEs image

    Securing Competitive Environment for SMEs

    We secure the basis of development for small-and-medium-sized subcontractors by correcting various unfair practices likely to be inflicted by large companies in subcontracting processes - i.e. payment and receipt of goods. We also correct various unfair practices of large distribution companies and franchisors. conducted against small-and-medium-sized stores. suppliers. and franchisees, in abuse of their superior bargaining positions.

  • Restraining Concentration of Economic Power image

    Restraining Concentration of Economic Power

    We correct expansion-oriented management of large companies by banning cross-equity holding & cross-debt guarantees among affiliates of large business groups, controlling undue subsidizing between affiliates of large business groups, and setting a ceiling on total amount of equity investment.