Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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Various law information found on this page is collected from Official Gazettes and other published sources and provided for public convenience.

The law information provided on this page is not legally enforceable and is only for the reference.

The information on Korean law including the constitution, act, treaty, presidential decree, administrative rules, local laws and regulations and judicial decisions is enforceable under Official Gazettes.

The foreign language version of the law is not an official translation of the original text and it is only for the reference.

If there's any conflict between the Korean version and the foreign language version of the law, the Korean version shall prevail.

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6 Guidelines for Combination of Enterprises Review 2017-12-20 download
5 Guidelines for reporting business combinations 2018-05-31 download
4 Guidelines for imposition of administrative fines against violation of merger notification requirement 2018-10-08 download
3 Standard for imposing surcharge to compel compliance with remedies on business combination 2015-10-23 download
2 Guidelines for corrective measures in corporate combination 2017-03-02 download
1 Guidelines for Combination of Enterprises Remedies 2017-11-14 download