Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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Unilateral Conduct

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10 Guidelines for Assessment of Unfair Trade Practices 2015-12-31 download
9 Review guidelines on unfair exercise of intellectual property rights 2016-10-23 download
8 Regulations on management of case records of the fair trade commission 2016-01-27 download
7 Scope of work permitted for resale price maintenance 2016-11-30 download
6 Guidelines for review of resale price maintenance 2016-06-30 download
5 Guidelines for examination of illegal support 2017-12-12 download
4 Public notice on unfair trade practices for parallel importation 2015-10-23 download
3 Public notice on the specific designation of practices for the abuse of a superior bargaining position in continuous resale transactions, etc. 2017-06-02 download
2 Guidelines for examination of abuse of dominant bargaining position in trade against workers in special employment relationship 2015-10-23 download
1 Guidelines for the abuse of market dominant position 2009-10-06 download