Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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481 KFTC Imposes Severe Sanctions on Coupang for Consumer Deception 2024-06-27 download view
480 Guidelines for Combination of Enterprises Review amended and entered into force on May 1, 2024 2024-05-30 download view
479 KFTC Imposes Severe Sanctions on Nexon Korea for Deceptive Practice with Loot Boxes 2024-04-29 download view
478 KFTC Sanctions Broadcom for Coercing Samsung Electronics into Unfavorable Long-Term Agreement for the Supply of Smart Device Components 2023-10-26 download view
477 Korea Fair Trade Commission holds its 9th Asia Consumer Policy Forum 2023-10-04 download view
476 KFTC grants unconditional approval to Microsoft-ABK merger 2023-06-22 download view
475 KFTC approves UBS-Credit Suisse merger 2023-06-02 download view
474 Chairperson Ki Jeong Han Has Meeting with Jean-Noel Barrot, French Minister for Digital Transaction and Telecommunications 2023-05-26 download view
473 KFTC Proposes Plans to Improve Law Enforcement System 2023-05-19 download view
472 KFTC Expands Procedural Rights of Companies 2023-05-19 download view