Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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411 KFTC takes action on foreign automakers for false advertising on emissions. 2021-09-09 download view
410 KFTC Merger Review Trends in the first half of 2021 2021-09-06 download view
409 Continued efforts to implement effective and improved policies for consumers 2021-08-18 download view
408 KFTC imposes sanctions on Dolby for abusing patent rights. 2021-08-13 download view
407 KFTC approved acquisition between top construction equipment manufacturers. 2021-07-27 download view
406 KFTC aims to prevent unfair termination of dealership contract by GM Korea. 2021-07-15 download view
405 KFTC receives the "2021 Antitrust Writing Awards" 2021-07-06 download view
404 KFTC imposes sanctions on sandwich franchise Subway for violating the Franchise Business Act 2021-07-02 download view
403 KFTC publishes a booklet on Singapore's Competition Act 2021-07-01 download view
402 KFTC and SNU sign a MOU on science and technology cooperation 2021-06-18 download view