Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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419 KFTC notice of Enactment of the Guidelines for Reviewing Unfair Collaborative Acts including illegal exchanges of information. 2021-11-02 download view
418 KFTC takes action against 2 foreign automakers for providing false emissions info of diesel cars. 2021-10-25 download view
417 KFTC recommends IATA to correct unfair terms and conditions in the IATA PSAA. 2021-10-21 download view
416 KFTC sanctions two companies for bid rigging that targeted public contract to provide military bulldozer. 2021-10-20 download view
415 KFTC Chairperson attends 20th ICN Annual Congerence. 2021-10-15 download view
414 KFTC holds the 8th Asian Forum on Consumer Policy. 2021-09-28 download view
413 KFTC holds an online lecture on competition law of Indonesia and Thailand. 2021-09-17 download view
412 KFTC hits Google with KRW 207.4 billion for blocking entry of rival OS and development of new smart devices 2021-09-15 download view
411 KFTC takes action on foreign automakers for false advertising on emissions. 2021-09-09 download view
410 KFTC Merger Review Trends in the first half of 2021 2021-09-06 download view