Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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444 21st ICN Annual Conference and Bilateral Talks with Major Competition Authorities. 2022-05-04 download
443 KFTC Chairperson participates in Enforcers Summit and holds Bilateral Meetings with Heads of US and EU Competition Authorities. 2022-04-07 download
442 KFTC M&A Review Trend in 2021. 2022-03-30 download
441 KFTC imposes sanctions on Sebang Global Battery, ABB Korea and LS Electric for failing to provide a written request of technical data. 2022-03-29 download
440 KFTC approves merger between Korean convenience store operators 2022-03-22 download
439 KFTC imposes corrective measures on 7 platform operators for violating the E-Commerce Act 2022-03-07 download
438 KFTC gives conditional approval to Korean Air - Asiana Airlines merger. 2022-02-22 download
437 KFTC orders YouTube, Netflix, and other OTT services to make cancelling membership and payment easy 2022-02-14 download
436 KFTC imposes a penalty surcharge of 20.2 billion won on Mercedes-Benz for unfair labeling and advertising. 2022-02-07 download
435 KFTC announces an advance legislation notice for the Franchise Act Enforcement Decree revision bill. 2022-01-27 download