Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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459 Terms and Conditions That Restrict the Refund of Charges Even After the Cancellation of the Software Subscription Service is Unfair Adhesion Contract Clause! 2023-01-11 download
458 KFTC Imposes Corrective Action Order on FRL Korea Co.,LTD for its Unfair Representation and Advertisement 2023-01-10 download
457 KFTC Imposes Sanctions on & Agodafor Consumer Deception 2022-11-02 download
456 KFTC approves merger between Tving and Seezn 2022-10-31 download
455 KFTC Announces Draft Amendments to M&A Review Standard and M&A Notification Guidelines 2022-10-17 download
454 KFTC Detects and Imposes Sanctions on Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies Blocking Market Entry of Generic Drugs 2022-10-14 download
453 KFTC Attends 17th EATOP and Bilateral Meeting 2022-09-28 download
452 How Much Do You Know About India’s Competition Law? 2022-09-21 download
451 KFTC's Work Report 2022-09-09 download
450 KFTC holds a Lecture on Competition Law 2022-08-24 download