Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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388 KFTC approves Delivery Hero’s takeover of Woowa Brothers, subject to the divestiture of all shares in DHK 2020-12-28 download view
387 KFTC signs MOU with Korean Bar Association 2020-12-22 download view
386 Ceremony held to commemorate the 25th ‘Consumer Rights Day’ 2020-12-03 download view
385 KFTC attends OECD Competition Committee and Global Forum on Competition 2020-11-30 download view
384 KFTC and Korean Competition Law Association host a joint symposium 2020-11-27 download view
383 KFTC to impose restrictions on GTT, a firm with a monopoly on LNG cargo containment systems, for abusing its patent rights 2020-11-26 download view
382 KFTC Makes E-Scooter Operators Take on More Responsibility When Accidents Happen 2020-11-18 download view
381 Pre-announcement of Enactment of the Guidelines on Access to and Copy of Data 2020-11-02 download view
380 KFTC imposes corrective measures on Naver for favoring its own real-estate search, shopping, and video services over competitors 2020-10-07 download view
379 Pre-announcement of legislation of Act on Fair Intermediate Transactions on Online Platforms 2020-09-28 download view