Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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50 Guidelines for Assessment of Unfair Trade Practices(20151231) 2015-12-31 download view
49 Rules on the FTC's Committee operation and case handling procedure, etc.(20180518) 2018-05-18 download view
48 Regulations on the submission of economic analytical opinions etc.(20170302) 2017-03-02 download view
47 Guidelines for the interpretation of prohibition of circular equity investment provisions in relation to the combination of enterprises(2018-02-26) 2018-02-26 download view
46 Rules on operation of, procedure for, etc. system for resolution by agreement(20170621) 2017-06-21 download view
45 Guidelines for the Disposition of Repeat Cases(20180226) 2018-02-26 download view
44 Guidelines for Assessment of anti-competitive Factors in Statutes(20171114) 2017-11-14 download view
43 Guidelines for the Operation of the Fair Trade Commission’s Corrective Measures(20180809) 2018-08-09 download view
42 Enforcement decree of the monopoly regulation and fair trade act 2016-12-30 download view
41 Monopoly regulation and fair trade act 2016-03-29 download view