Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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323 KFTC punishes international cartel of auto parts(fuel pump and variable valve timing) manufacturers 2017-12-26 11 download view
322 KFTC orders the world's no.1 & 7 shipping companies to withdraw from shipping alliances and not to extend the contract 2017-12-26 10 download view
321 KFTC Strictly sanctions Konkuk Dairy for pushing onto more stocks than they can handle 2017-12-01 45 download view
320 KFTC sanctions a merger between waste heat supplier and CES supplier in Osan 2017-11-30 34 download view
319 KFTC sanctions ASCON & REMICON bid riggings of bids placed by the government. 2017-11-22 13 download view
318 KFTC sanctions bid rigging for the track construction of the Honam High Speed Railway between Osong and Gwangju Songjeong. 2017-10-26 37 download view
317 KFTC sanctions a bid rigging case for purchasing electronic interlocking device 2017-09-22 40 download view
316 KFTC imposes sanctions on international cartels of car shipping firm 2017-09-11 80 download view
315 Amended Enforcement Decree of the MRFTA approved by Cabinet, coming into force from July 19 2017-08-29 37 download view
314 Inauguration ceremony of the Fair Trade in Franchise Ombudsman was held 2017-08-25 36 download view