Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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332 In2015, the level of monopoly and oligopoly slightly decreased while there were 58 mining and manufacturing businesses and 33 services businesses with monopolistic powers in total 2018-04-27 0 download view
331 KFTC implements internship programs for the Philippines competition authority 2018-04-23 0 download view
330 KFTC sanctions riggings of 14 companies in aerial shooting bids placed by National Geographic Information Institute 2018-03-16 1 download view
329 KFTC detects bid rigging for LPG used for heating and cooking in military bases in Kangwon Province 2018-03-12 0 download view
328 KFTC imposes remedies against Hyundai Mobis’ coercing agencies to purchase car parts 2018-02-08 1 download view
327 KFTC imposes remedies on the acquisition by Qualcomm of NXP 2018-01-18 4 download view
326 KFTC sanctions Siemens for abuse of market dominance 2018-01-17 1 download view
325 KFTC punishes six steel pipe manufaturers for rigging bids offered by Korea Gas Corporation 2017-12-21 12 download view
324 KFTC sanctions 7 cable makers for collusive bidding 2017-12-07 5 download view
323 KFTC punishes international cartel of auto parts(fuel pump and variable valve timing) manufacturers 2017-11-07 12 download view