Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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351 KFTC and SAMR have bilateral meeting and sign memorandum of understanding 2019-05-23 download view
350 KFTC sanctions four companies for bid rigging in state projects 2019-04-26 download view
349 KFTC sanctions two companies for bid-rigging in tenders for Groundwater monitoring network maintenance servce 2019-04-10 download view
348 KFTC sanctions three ground calcium carbonate manufacturers for price fixing 2019-03-04 download view
347 KFTC detects bid-rigging in tenders for air pollution measuring instruments placed by public agencies 2019-02-15 download view
346 KFTC sanctions foreign banks for alleged price fixing in derivatives trading 2019-01-18 download view
345 KFTC sanctions abuse of market dominance by Korean Re 2018-12-17 download view
344 KFTC orders Agoda and to revise 'no refund' clauses 2018-11-22 download view
343 KFTC implements internship programs for the Competition authorities in developing nations(Training for five members of the competition authorities of the Philippines and Republic of Serbia) 2018-11-05 download view
342 KFTC requires Linde and Praxair to divest assets to proceed with merger 2018-10-02 download view