Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.

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367 The KFTC approved the takeover of Eastar Jet by Jeju Air 2020-05-26 download view
366 National Assembly passes the amendment to the MRFTA that enhances due process in investigative and hearing procedures 2020-05-14 download view
365 KFTC fines four banks for rigging currency swap bids 2020-03-12 download view
364 Netflix, the world’s largest OTT(Over the Top) service provider, revised its unfair terms of use 2020-02-19 download view
363 KFTC sanctions 8 companies for bid rigging that targeted contracts to provide shipping services of steel products to POSCO 2020-01-23 download view
362 KFTC sanctions 6 companies for bid rigging in auctions for selecting heavy cargo transport service providers 2020-01-08 download view
361 The Seoul High Court's ruling regarding Qualcomm's abuse of market dominance 2019-12-04 download view
360 KFTC sanctions 4 companies for engaging in bid rigging at auctions for selecting mobile message service providers 2019-11-21 download view
359 KFTC implements internship programs for the Competition authorities in developing nations 2019-10-30 download view
358 KFTC sanctions bid rigging at auctions of shipping services for imported brown rice 2019-10-10 download view