Korea Fair Trade Commission

Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the
authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.


Expert Dispatch

Introduction of KFTC’s Expert Dispatch Program

The Korea Fair Trade Commission is actively engaging in constant exchanges with many foreign competition agencies. In particular, the KFTC is providing various kinds of technical assistance to competition agencies of Asia which maintain cordial relations with us and are committed to actively enforcing competition law. Thereby, the KFTC is striving to spread competition law to the Asian region and forging a forward-looking partnership with those competition agencies.

The KFTC provides technical assistance largely through the Seoul International Competition Forum, the International Workshop on Competition Policy, KOICA training courses of competition policy, expert dispatch program, internship programs, etc. Here, let me introduce our expert dispatch program.

Under the expert dispatch program, the KFTC sends related experts to a foreign competition agency for a set period of time to provide in-depth assistance like advisory service on certain areas. Such experts are to be selected by Director-level KFTC staff with expertise on the related areas. The dispatch period usually comes between one month and three months. Language of choice is English in general.

The expert dispatch program is very useful for competition agency trying to apply competition law to new sectors.
Expenses required for dispatching experts including cost of living and airfare are borne by the KFTC, so the recipient competition agency does not have to bear additional expense with regard to the dispatch. Yet, the space, desk, computer and other things required for the dispatched expert to perform technical assistance should be offered by the recipient agency.
Upon a competition agency’s request for expert dispatch, the KFTC reviews the matter and dispatches experts deemed fit to the request. An official dispatch request is made as the requesting agency sends a letter with the signature of the agency head to the KFTC. Usually, before making a formal request, the requesting agency and the KFTC would have working-level consultation meetings.

During the working-level meetings, the two sides would agree on subjects of technical assistance (surcharge, cartel, abuse of market dominance, consumer protection, electronic commerce, etc.), dispatch period, arrival & departure procedure, specific job description of dispatched experts, etc.

The working-level meetings are usually Director-level, and of course, each side would have internal discussions and make adjustments for expert dispatch.
Currenct status
No Duration Recipient Country Number/Position
4 Nov 11~20(2013) Indonesia 1 person, Director / 1 person, Deputy Director
3 Oct~Nov(2008) Vietnam 1 person, Director
2 Oct~Dec(2007) Mongolia 1 person, Director
1 May~Aug(2007) Mongolia 1 person, Director

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