Korea Fair Trade Commission

Ministerial-level central administrative organization under the
authority of the Prime Minister functions as a quasi-judiciary body.


Competition Workshop

Current status of International Workshop on Competition Policy
International Workshop On Competition Policy
No Duration Location(IO)1 Number of participants File Recipient Country
18 Sep 5, 2014(18th) 13 35 download  view documents 18th Int'l Workshop on Competition Policy
17 Dec 9~10, 2013(17th) 13 29 download  view documents -
16 Sep 6, 2012(16th) 12 30 download  view documents Back to back with 7th Seoul Forum
15 Jul 7~8, 2011(15th) 12 15 download  view documents -
USA, Japan, China, Singapore, Chinese Taipei(Taiwan), Malaysia, India, Indonesia, ,Vietnam, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Buthan
14 Nov 5~6, 2009(14th) 12(2) 24 download  view documents -
China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Russia, Uzbekistan, World Bank, OECD
13 Sep5, 2008(13th) 17 29 download  view documents Back to back with 5th Seoul Competition Forum
China, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Malaysia, USA, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden
12 Nov 8~9, 2007(12th) 11(2) 25 download  view documents -
Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, Pakistan, Jordan, Indonesia, Nepal, OECD, EU
11 Sep 6~9, 2006(11th) 24 51 download  view documents Co-hosted by KFTC & UNCATAD
China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Turkey, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Bhutan, Japan, Russia, China, UNCTAD/IDRC
10 Nov 11~12, 2005(10th) 11 23 download  view documents -
India, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, OECD
9 Apr 29~May 2, 2004(9th) 9 21 download  view documents -
Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Romania, China, Thailand, Indonesia

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